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I have a bachelor's degree in Music Education and a K-12 Music teaching certificate. I've been teaching piano since 2004 and have experience teaching ages four and up. I have a passion for teaching and I cater lessons to each individual student's needs and interests while still making sure students learn music reading skills and technique. I specialize in meeting students where they are at and developing lessons that meet special needs. I love to make learning fun and use music theory games and activities to engage and excite learners! If you live in Florida and your student recieves the Step Up For Students- Family Empowerment Scholarship for Unique Abilities, you can use your scholarship money to pay for private piano lessons with me because I am a direct pay provider.

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Grand Piano
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Homeschool Pod 

Piano lessons with Theresa have far exceeded our expectations! I wasn’t sure about the effectiveness of virtual lessons at first, but we have been blown away by our son’s progress. Not only is he reading music and playing beautifully, but he actually looks forward to it and practices happily. In addition to Theresa being skilled, organized, and professional- she also goes above and beyond by putting on recitals where the children can perform and receive awards for their accomplishments.
Hands down 5 stars! ️️️️

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Stephanie A.

Ms. Theresa an amazing teacher! She is very organized and her teaching methods are effective. We love listening to Lily's growth on the piano. I am amazed at how much she has learned over the years.
We love the convenient online lesson format. After each lesson, Theresa will send an updated guided practice plan that shows me Lily's technique, musical, and theory goals, and a list of what to practice to accomplish those listed goals. The plan also shows all of the songs Lily has learned.
I enjoy watching all of her students perform at the virtual recitals, and I really appreciate Theresa's acknowledgement of her student's growth through awards and shoutouts via email and facebook. Theresa keeps her students engaged through competitions/challenges and other fun activities. I highly recommend Theresa!

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Monika S.

We love piano with Ms. Theresa! My children have absolutely thrived under her instruction. She is wonderful about meeting each of them where they are and teaching them how they learn best. They look forward to their time with her each week and leave each lesson feeling encouraged and excited about the progress they've made. We are so very thankful for the opportunity to learn from such a great teacher!

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Online Piano Lessons 

I teach private piano lessons over Zoom. I use two cameras, an overhead, and a side view, so students can see my hands on the piano, and my face. During the free trial lesson, I can help students set up their camera with a view from the side so I can help guide their posture. I also help students set up Original Sound for Musicians so they have the best sound on their device. I love to screen share games to help review music reading skills. After each lesson, I send out practice notes through Google Drive to help students learn specific practice skills and to know what to practice. I host two online recitals per year where all students get to choose a song to perform and invite their friends and family to attend. At the recitals, I also give out piano awards for students who have met specific practice goals in our practice challenges throughout the year. I mail students trophies who have met these goals and present them at our recitals.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a piano or keyboard at home to take lessons?


Yes! A piano or keyboard with touch sensitivity and at least 61 keys is required for piano lessons. Touch Sensitivity means when you press harder, it plays louder and when you press softer, it plays softer. If you're looking for an affordable full size keyboard, the Yamaha p71 is a good choice or, try the Yamaha PSRE373 for a 61 key keyboard. Be sure to order your keyboard with a stand and a bench so it is at the right height. Click this link to see a list of recommended keyboards, stands and benches to purchase: 

 Piano Recommendations

What do I need in order to take online lessons?


A laptop or tablet with a good internet connection. Chromebooks can work in a pinch but they are not ideal for online lessons.


Can I get a free trial to see if online lessons work for me?


Of course! I offer free trials to new students so that I can help you set up your device correctly, show you how online lessons work, meet you and discuss your goals for piano, and demonstrate a few learning activities! 

Book your Free Trial Online Piano Lesson Here!


How often do I need to practice?


I recommend at least 15 minutes of practice five times a week for beginners, and more as students advance. I send a digital guided practice plan with detailed information for how and what to practice each week that you can print out weekly, or view on your device. Click the link for an example Guided practice plan.


What ages do you teach?


I teach ages four and up! Younger children are given a special curriculum meant just for them that teaches pre-reading skills and focuses on building fine motor skills. I screenshare games and plan activities to make learning fun for all ages. I have many games for every level and age of learner.


Do you teach students with special needs?


Yes, I aim to be inclusive to all student needs and meet each student where they are at! I have a degree in music education and a K-12 teaching certificate. I've also taken several courses in teaching students with disabilities and I can plan private lessons to meet each student's needs. I am also a direct pay provider for the Florida FES-Unique Abilities scholarship.


Do you offer recitals or awards programs?


Yes! I have two live virtual recitals a year (winter and spring). I also host productive practice awards annually that allow students to earn personalized trophies and medals based on the quality and quantity of their practice throughout the year. In addition, I offer other incentives throughout the year such as, the note rush challenge, the thirty song challenge, and incentives for completing individual goals.


Lessons are the same price every month, pro-rated throughout the year over eleven months. Weekly thirty minute lessons are $116 per month and weekly sixty minute lessons are $232 per month. No payment is taken in June. The price per month includes 40 private lessons throughout the year. You can cancel at any time, as long as you cancel before the next auto-payment. If the student has an advanced scheduled conflict with a lesson, they can arrange a make up lesson during one of three make-up lesson weeks throughout the year. Flexible lesson scheduling is available in the summer. 

Interested in Lessons?

If you'd like to schedule a free trial to see if online lessons work for you, please fill out the form below!  

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